“Well done!
Dear Andrea and Anthony,
Tuesday is now our favorite day. Thanks to you and your hard working staff.
Since my dear husband’s 3 strokes my greatest challenge is getting him to eat good food.
He just does not like what is good for him. Since he has trouble swallowing I cut his food real fine. Your soups are Perfect
They are so delicious and nourishing. I believe it is the only really healthy food I can get him to accept and enjoy . We both thank you and bless you and your helpers from the bottom of our hearts. We feel blessed and so grateful for your hard work.
Every time I see you, you are smiling as you work over a hot stove moving huge pots around or pulling something out of the oven.
I truly admire your compassion and kindness in caring for so many lucky seniors who are enjoying the fruits of your labor of love. ”

Happiness, love, and hugs, Lucy

“The first thing that I love about OSK is the wonderful attitude and love that everyone involved–volunteers, head of OSK has, it’s an attitude of loving service–I think that’s the most important thing. Then Organic Soup Kitchen comes to us and our community–the soup is always delicious–well prepared meal. And then there is always a big table of other things–farmers market table which is so delicious and helps supplement my monthly income. The yoga is fantastic, I am a promoter here of the yoga and soup. People on walkers show up…we have an over 90 year old doing chair yoga–it’s peaceful and relaxing. I just have so much appreciation for the services Organic Soup Kitchen provides to us-our seniors. I go where the love is, if the loving was not present I would not go.” Angela Bell (Resident at Villa Santa Fe)

“Yes I receive soup from Organic Soup Kitchen, I have never been happier in my life since OSK came to us, the food, the farmers market table, the yoga, and the love they share with the community here and bring here is astounding. I just can’t thank you enough for who you are and what you do. WE appreciate you. When I come up here for the Tuesday for soups I feel more alive, a healthier being, and it keeps me well fed throughout the week.” Sarah (Resident at Villa Santa Fe)

“It’s a life saver for us seniors here. The food is beautifully prepared, and for those of us who live alone on a limited budget–it’s a God sent! They always make sure to send us home with tons of soup to keep us fed throughout the week. It’s not only the good food, its the kindness and love that we need when we are old and live alone. I have just gotten better and healthier since Organic Soup Kitchen came here. And the Chair Yoga, is a the perfect thing for us, because it’s simple, relaxing, mellow, and it’s also a beautiful social outing for us who are isolated. We are so pleased to receive these services from Organic Soup Kitchen.” Betty (Resident at Villa Santa Fe)

“The residents of Villa Santa Fe love Organic Soup Kitchen. Every Tuesday, OSK arrives at our community room with a delicious lunch for our low-income seniors. They also set up an organic “farmers market” for us with free veggies and fruit. Not only is their food extremely tasty and nutritious, the social nourishment is wonderful. For some neighbors it’s a reason to get dressed up and get out of the house to join together for a meal and conversation. For those who are homebound, their terrific volunteers deliver meals with a smile. OSK has really helped in creating a sense of community, and we are all so grateful for their service.” Dianne B. (Resident at Villa Santa Fe)

“The community leadership you two have shown in establishing and organizing the Santa Barbara Organic Soup Kitchen is truly commendable. Providing healthy, nutritious, and tasty meals to some of the poorest in our community, particularly frail seniors who can not always count on more than one meal a day, has won our respect and our hearts. The Gildea Foundation is pleased to join you and other civic minded individuals and Foundations in an endorsement of the important work you do. As a non-profit organization operating with a small and dedicated staff you are providing a much needed service which improves the health and quality of life of some of our communities’ most vulnerable residents.” June Sochel (Executive Director of Gildea Foundation)

” Thank you….I come from a family of mental health issues and I have been battling with depression for some time now. I came across Organic Soup Kitchen at the Veteran’s Memorial building while I was living at a homeless shelter. The Organic Soup Kitchen provided me with nourishment in my belly and in my mind. I found that I was feeling better in my mind and my body was healing from the amazing soups they all prepared for us at the veterans building. As I have gotten to know their menu, all their soups and foods are not left overs from markets or restaurants, they are high quality homemade soups. Slowly as months passed on I got to know Anthony and all the volunteers by name and I started to become a volunteer myself, first by washing dishes and then by learning how to cook their delicious foods. I started to feel good about myself. I had quit drinking for 3 months (and counting) and was eating healthier, got into a sober living facility and found work through Organic Soup Kitchen. I slowly started to pick up my trade again as an electrician, while staying sober and living in a sober home. It is because of Organic Soup Kitchen that I have gained my life back again. I feel alive, alert, mentally stable, and I owe this to my diet and food education from Organic Soup Kitchen.” Mike (a client)

M., a local artist and single mom, found herself, through several unfortunate life events, homeless. Desperate, she found a local family shelter. Many meals there are provided by OSK via our long-term partnership with them. M. says, “When I got homeless… thank goodness for the family shelter, where I met the good people of OSK.”

M. especially appreciated OSK’s organic, high-grade meals. “I was introduced to the Nutritional Program that helped me to make better food choices for myself and my son. The vegetarian based diet gave me a new vision on proper nutrition and how to cook with proteins that weren’t meat-based.”

M. participated in OSK’s PTSD Yoga Program. “I was so very stressed out due to these circumstances… I signed up for the Yoga classes… This gave me insight into the opportunity to reduce my stress level in the midst of crisis. This practice later enabled me to find stability in my daily life and help manage the stress of being a single parent.”

M. is now employed as a graphic illustrator, and has an apartment she shares with her son. She’s learned to cook nutritious and affordable meals. They are on the path out of poverty, and towards sustained health and well-being.

“Organic Soup Kitchen is a excellent non profit organization. Heart and soul goes into every healthy meal they prepare for veterans, seniors and more. They continue to serve the Santa Barbara community, always finding ways ways to help anyone in need. Nobody is turned away, and everyone is treated equally. Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are always a full house, and the food is beautiful, delicious and nutrient dense. The staff works long and hard and always more than expected, just to help others less fortunate. It is a great organization to be a part of, to contribute to and to have in our community!” Valerie C. (volunteer)

“Organic Soup Kitchen, OSK, not only provides nutrient dense organic food to people who lack access to reliable life saving nutrition, OSK also ensures that each client is greeted respectfully by volunteers with a sincere interest in improving their clients. Sometimes that means connecting clients with community resources. One Memorial Day it meant paying attention to the quiet people. A volunteer noticed a Veteran who just stared down at her food, seemingly lost in time. Volunteers are encouraged to sit down with people who seem to be in distress. In the Veteran’s case, she came from a long line of volunteers to the US Military. The last member of her birth family had passed away, she was now, truly alone. The volunteer asked if she would like a cup of coffee. Together the Veteran and Volunteer shared coffee and talked. The volunteer provided community resource guides and asked if the Veteran would consider other OSK programs such as restorative Yoga for PTSD or perhaps helping with the next Holiday Meal. The Veteran expressed interest. OSK changes lives one meal at a time by providing nutrition and sincere connections.” Lowell B. (Volunteer)

“I’m a big fan of OSK. They bring a level of honor, respect, dignity and quality to serving the hungry that I’ve never seen before. I’ve helped prep food for the holiday meals, served and am a monthly donor too. Oh and the Escripts program at Participating grocery stores is an easy way to contribute every time you shop.” Monthly Donor

“Been following the Organic Soup Kitchen for years. Creating fresh, nutritious food for people who need a helping hand, and recognizing that dignity comes in many forms-with the Organic Soup Kitchen, it was cooking healthy meals with great ingredients, showing all the people they serve that deserved the best too.” Pedro Nava (Politician Santa Barbara)

“Organic Soup Kitchen (OSK) is an absolutely amazing, not for profit organization in Santa Barbara. My practice has been community partners with them for a couple of years, holding fund raisers and volunteering during the holiday season. The passion and dedication is to local, organic, high-quality food is inspiring!Thank you, OSK, for your loving service to the under served of Santa Barbara!”
Dr. Elizabeth Wisniewski (Santa barbara Business Owner Genuine Chiropractic)