Strategic Initiatives

Benefactors of OSK identify the power of change from the inside out. We are a humanitarian organization with a centralized infrastructure, utilizing multiple initiatives to solve specific social problems at scale.

Social Business Model

Organic Soup Kitchen is a  501(c)(3) non-profit that embeds both social purpose and business purpose into our organization. This bold move supports sustainability and helps us scale to further our positive social impact within the Santa Barbara community. Alongside some of the most innovative thinkers in the world, we want to examine Social Enterprise as a means for real change for the people.

Pivoting our organization to a Social Enterprise will allow us to implement fee-based services to our middle- and upper-income clients, which will maximize our impact by expanding our reach to more low-income clients. Through this model, we will be able to further scale our outreach while remaining sustainable.

Low-Income Cancer Recovery

and Chronic Illness Initiative

Food Security Initiative


Nutrient-Dense Soups &

Restricted Oxygen Packaging Initiative

Volunteer Training with

Certification Initiative

Delivery Service Initiative

Conscious Caregiving Initiative

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