Soup Meal Program

The human body functions best when nourished with the recommended daily amount of essential vitamins and minerals. Hence, the old saying “everything in moderation” truly does give our body a plethora of nutrition.

Our Cancer Recovery Soup Meals are specially formulated to help rebuild weakened immune systems. Our creative recipes contain a myriad of immune-boosting ingredients in each serving to create a balanced nutritional ecosystem.

  • Infused with the highest quality herbs and spices, fats, organic vegetables, and coconut milk to provide optimal nutritional intake.
  • Semi-pureed, low-acidity meals complemented with filtered water to hydrate the system and ease digestion for clients with dysphagia.
  • No preservatives, fillers or artificial flavorings.
  • 100% organic, non-radiated herbs and spices to maintain their healing properties.
  • Hermetically sealed in BPA-free packaging – available in 24 oz (3 servings), 32 oz (4 servings),  or 1 Gallon (16 servings).

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