Sliding Scale Soup Delivery

Our bodies function best when we nourish them with the recommended daily amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. Truly, the old saying “everything in moderation” does give our body a plethora of nutrition.

Our Soup Meals are designed to give clients a full spectrum of nutrients in order to help avoid malnutrition from the first spoonful. Within each vegan Soup Meal is a minimum of 90% organic ingredients, organic fats such as coconut cream and coconut oil, and organic olive oil. All the herbs and spices we use are non-radiated in order to maintain their medicinal value. It is our promise to you that our creative recipes will always contain a myriad of 15 ingredients that cover the vitamins and minerals necessary to strengthen weakened immune systems. We offer 24oz containers hermetically sealed in BPA-free packaging.

What’s in a Spoonful?

  • Semi-pureed, low-acidity meals complemented with filtered water to hydrate your system and ease digestion for those with dysphagia.
  • 100% organic, non-radiated, non-pasteurized herbs and spices sourced from the United States in small batches to retain their medicinal value.
  • No preservatives. No fillers. No artificial flavorings.
When do you deliver Soup Meals?

Our Soup Meals are delivered every Wednesday between 9am and 2pm. Clients must be present at their homes to receive a Soup Meal. If a client is unable to be present, please notify us in advance and leave a cooler outside in order for your Soup Meal to maintain its stability.

Where do you deliver?

Organic Soup Kitchen currently delivers to Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Summerland, Goleta and The Santa Ynez Valley on Wednesdays. If a client resides outside of our map, other arrangements can be discussed with our intake department. Soup Meals can also be picked up at the OSK Headquarters.

Where can I pickup soups?

Our Soup Meals are available for pickup every Wednesday between 8:30am and 11am. Our Headquarters are located at 608 Anacapa Street, Suite C. The entrance is located on Cota Street, in the parking lot behind the building.

What is the fee for service?

Soup Meal delivery services require a weekly minimum donation fee of $30 for 2 Soup Meals per week. Our Soup Meals are $15 per container (3 servings). All 24oz containers are hermetically-sealed in BPA-free packaging.

I am restricted/low-income. What are my options?

Low-income individuals must apply for a discount through our intake receptionist. Upon approval of acceptable W2 or 1040 form, if a client’s annual income is under the HUD requirements, OSK will further discuss your options for Soup Meal services and delivery.


To applying for the sliding scale Soup Meal Program within Santa Barbara County, you must provide proof of residency and low income (SSI, Disability, W2, 1040). 

Click here for a Soup Meal Application:

For any other questions, please leave a message with your contact information at
(805) 364-2790.

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