Our Mission

Organic Soup Kitchen provides optimal nutrition and addresses food insecurity to a diverse demographic of individuals struggling with the effects of cancer and chronic illnesses.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a scalable model to nonprofits in communities where the most vulnerable are at risk. We hope to train others in our unique techniques of creating nutrient dense organic soup meals. Our long term goal is to operate as a social enterprise to ensure our sustainability while increasing community involvement and making a positive social impact.

Our Principles

Community Health

We serve low-income cancer patients with ingredients that are:

 •  clinically-backed

 •  free of preservatives

 •  organic and non-GMO

 •  packed with nutrients

 •  plant-based (vegan)

 •  low sodium

 •  dairy-free, nut-free

 •  soy-free

Food Security

We implement safe methods to preserve foods – naturally:

 •  oxygen-restrictive packaging

 •  hermetically-sealed containers

 •  cool-chill process

 •  vacuum-sealing

 •  flash-freezing

Environmental Impact

We work with local farmers and partners in food to minimize waste:

 •  using local produce

 •  reducing carbon footprint

 •  stabilizing excess produce

 •  using BPA-free containers

 •  implementing green standards

 •  sustainable operating

 •  packaging recycling program

 •  energy-efficient equipment