Celebrate Your Most Optimum Health!

It is our mission at Organic Soup Kitchen to restore your energy during recovery.

Based on results from our quarterly client surveys, the diagnosis of cancer often reaches beyond the discomfort of physical treatment and the stress of the unpredictability of the disease. 

Diet matters as you recover. Our Soup Meals are designed to give clients a full spectrum of nutrients in order to help avoid malnutrition, and aid the restoration of your immune system, from the first spoonful. 

Our Approach to Oncology Nutrition

An organic, plant-based diet is an integral part of a cancer patients’ journey to recovery. Consuming functional foods feeds your immune system and supports the defense mechanisms that protect your body from infections and disease.

We Promise Freshness & Quality

Our soup meals are clinically formulated to help restore the immune system to fight off cancer and chronic illness.

Trained, Certified Chefs & Volunteers.

Every Tuesday, our volunteers handle and prep hundreds of pounds of rescued produce for our Soup Meals. Here, Tony skins, de-seeds, and roasts organic Heirloom tomatoes, one of 15 ingredients that make up our myriad of creative recipes.

“Organic Soup Kitchen has served our community’s 15,000 recorded cancer patients over 1,000,000 bowls of soup (and counting!).”

Many diagnosed with cancer or a chronic illness suffer from mobility problems that limit their abilities to shop or cook. Coupled with medical treatments and food insecurity risks, this creates a threat of isolation, which affects more than 8 million adults over the age of 50. Our weekly Delivery Service Program provides an outlet for our low-income clients to thrive in their independence at home. Our team of drivers provide nutritious Soup Meals and a kind, compassionate face directly to our clients’ doors. This vital weekly check-in breaks the cycle of social isolation, and 98% of our repeat clients have reported the elimination of food insecurity during treatment.

Testimonial from Betsy Bayha

“OSK provides their delicious, organic Soup Meals to my elderly mother who has difficulty leaving the house. The volunteers deliver soup to my mom’s house each week—sometimes, they bring beautiful produce or flowers that are surplus from the Farmer’s Market. The Soup Meals are made with love and care, nourishing the spirit as well as the body. Thank you, OSK and team, for all you are doing to foster the health and security of our most vulnerable citizens.”