Our Impact in Santa Barbara County


diagnosed with cancer in 2018*


unique patients served in 2018**


in SB County served by OSK

*19,000 diagnosed cancer patients projected for 2019
**OSK provides soup to partner organizations for their patients

OSK’s Soup Delivery Program Making a Difference


cancer recovery clients served weekly


average servings per client each week


servings delivered each week

Physical Challenges

Cancer recovery patients commonly face the following physical challenges:

  • Isolation
  • Can’t go in public for grocery shopping
  • Lack of knowledge on how to cook proper nutrient dense, low acid meals (Ph balanced)
  • Not enough nutritional caloric intake
  • Difficulty swallowing/Dysphagia
  • Low energy levels
  • Higher appetite levels
  • Compromised immune system
  • Trouble balancing recommended daily dietary needs
  • Processed foods cause inflammation–we eliminate processed foods


Financial Challenges

Our patients are periodically surveyed and they confirm that they were able to meet their basic living expenses with the help of our services.

  • Food security
  • Cost of organic is too high
  • 90% of our clients are from low-income households (based on client surveys) according to HUD guidelines on what qualifies as low income
  • 59% faced financal problems when battling cancer
  • 57% felt financially stressed due to high cost of cancer treatments
  • 66% worried about future financial problems
  • 67% did not get help with financial problems
  • 87% said that their cancer providers did not discuss the costs of cancer treatments