Nutritional Assistance

Our Cancer Recovery Program provides metabolic oncology SoupMeals to support the health of cancer survivors, low-income seniors, and those with chronic illness. Our hand-crafted and personally delivered SoupMeals provide optimal nutrition and food security to thousands of Santa Barbara residents each year.

Nutrition with Transformative Healing Power

Each one of our SoupMeal recipes is designed to strengthen your immune system, increase energy and promote healing. Collaborating with leading cancer specialists, we formulate recipes to lower inflammation, balance blood sugar and improve circulation. It’s nutrition that supports your health and wellbeing with each spoonful.

Superfoods & Ingredients You Can Trust

We hand select the very best organic produce, healthy fats and oils and non-irradiated spices to create our proprietary soup base of essential vitamins and minerals. Each serving is a medicinal quality, complete balanced meal containing more than ten different vegetables, whole grains and a full spectrum of plant-based nutrients. No preservatives, no fillers and no artificial ingredients ever. Simply, fresh organic soups to nourish your body and spirit.

Our small batch soups are handcrafted each week in our 2000 square foot industrial kitchen. Each SoupMeal is packaged in a 24 ounce BPA-free container that is oxygen restricted and hermetically sealed for 100% safety from all pathogens, bacteria and viruses. We meet the highest safety standards to bring you peace of mind with every meal.

SoupMeals for the Entire Santa Barbara Community

Our SoupMeals are available for home delivery to residents throughout Santa Barbara County. The majority of our clients are referred to us from our nearly 20 community partner organizations. We offer a sliding scale program for clients who qualify. SoupMeals are also available for purchase and pick up at our kitchen facility downtown. In addition, we distribute SoupMeals through a number of agency partners, including Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, the Westside, and Eastside Neighborhood Clinics and the Center for Successful Aging.


When do you deliver Soup Meals?

Our Soup Meals are delivered every Wednesday between 9am and 2pm. Clients must be present at their homes to receive a Soup Meal. If a client is unable to be present, please notify us in advance and leave a cooler outside in order for your Soup Meal to maintain its stability.

Where do you deliver?

Organic Soup Kitchen currently delivers to Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Summerland, Goleta and The Santa Ynez Valley on Wednesdays. If a client resides outside of our map, other arrangements can be discussed with our intake department. Soup Meals can also be picked up at the OSK Headquarters.

Where can I pickup soups?

Our Soup Meals are available for pickup every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday between 9:00am and 12:00pm. Our Headquarters are located at 608 Anacapa Street, Suite C. The entrance is located on Cota Street, in the parking lot behind the building.

What is sliding scale?

Sliding scale pricing provides a service or product with multiple price points. These price points are set to make the service or product accessible to people with different levels of income so that financial resources need not be a barrier to a person’s ability to access a product or service.

I am restricted/low-income. What are my options?

Low-income individuals must apply for a discount through our intake receptionist. Upon approval of acceptable W2 or 1040 form, if a client’s annual income is under the HUD requirements, OSK will further discuss your options for Soup Meal services and delivery.

Apply for Soup Delivery

If you have questions or need additional help, please leave a message with your contact information at (805) 364-2790 or email us at [email protected]

Applying for the Low-Income Program

To apply for the Low-Income Program within Santa Barbara County, you must provide proof of residency and low income (SSI, Disability, W2, 1040).

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