Be a SouperHero

We want our SouperHeroes to feel connected, inspired, and eager to share our mission. Grab your cape and join us!

Be a SouperHero

Join an extraordinary community of monthly givers using their powers to provide metabolic oncology nutrition to our friends, family, and neighbors battling Cancer and chronic illness.

Cancer and chronic illness are epidemics in our nation.

A diagnosis can create a devastating domino effect of physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Your support will provide clinically formulated nutrition to nourish the bodies and spirits of these fragile community members. Because no one should have to decide between medical treatments and a nutritious meal.

Research shows that good nutrition plays an important role in health and recovery.

Since 2009, we’ve worked closely with leading oncologists to formulate recipes that promote healing, increase energy, and strengthen the immune system. Each batch is handcrafted with organic whole foods, healthy fats, and oils and medicinal quality herbs and spices. No additives or preservatives ever. It’s healing from the inside out. 

Organic Vegetables


“I’m inspired by the thousands of community members Organic Soup Kitchen supports, as well as the dozens of people who volunteer their time to create such a fantastic product and valuable service. I’m a huge fan of their soups. They don’t just taste fantastic, they are also packed with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that boost the immune system and increase energy. I love that my purchases and donations help provide soup to nourish and heal community members struggling with cancer or chronic illness. It’s a shining example of this organization’s impact on those most in need.”

–Jane Orfalea



“Organic Soup Kitchen has been an asset to the Santa Barbara Community for the last 11 years. They serve nutrient-dense organic soups to cancer patients and seniors. My family has volunteered with them for the past three years, both delivering soup to cancer patients and seniors as well as at their joyous feasts. Organic Soup Kitchen serves not only the body but also the mind and spirit in a respectful, supportive, and loving way. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Organic Soup Kitchen!”

~Hollye Jacobs



“My family and I have been volunteering with Organic Soup Kitchen for the last seven years, for six of those years, I have been a board member, monthly donor, volunteer, and on the fundraising committee. We are truly dedicated to this cause that serves SoupMeals™ to low-income Cancer Patients and those with Chronic Illness. We are grateful to be able to give back to our community in this most amazing way. The team at Organic Soup Kitchen is passionate about healing those most in need through clinically back metabolic oncology nutrition.”

–Cheryl Giefer


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