Food Sustainability:

At Organic Soup Kitchen, we make it our mission to recycle and stabilize organic produce from our community.  

When mother nature says organic seasonal produce is ready, it is ready then. Many farmers scurry around, trying to sell as much produce as they can. Yet even then, most farmers’ produce never makes it to market.

Our local farmers have been very supportive in partnering with us at Organic Soup Kitchen. From Veggie Rescue and Trinity Gardens to our local Saturday farmers market, we receive around 1,200 pounds of excess produce per month that would otherwise go to waste.

Working side by side to reduce our carbon footprint, we have perfected a stabilizing method which allows us to blanch or roast fresh produce, then vacuum seal it in its natural juices – without preservatives. This process makes our vegetables ready for deep-freeze, thus available for future use months down the line. Furthermore, our process maintains the natural texture of the produce, captures its flavor and nutritional value, and creates a cycle of sustainability within our community.

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